Nobody takes actors opinion seriously : Naseeruddin Shah

Bollywood famous actor Naseeruddin Shah today said that actors should keep his opinion till him only on social media because no body takes it in serious way. He said to the reporters, 'Actor should connect to the people only through their work, thats what I feel, because there is nothing which is more effective than it. I believe that nobody takes any actors opinion seriously.' He said, 'Everyone will listen to it and will make fun of it but opinions are not taken seriously. So they should keeps their views to them only.' Ishqkiya starrer Naseer spoke at the launch of the Marathi version of his autobiography 'And Then One Day'. Shah said that he felt to release the book in Marathi because he believes that Maharashta People really love him a lot. Naseeuddin Shah was last seen in film 'Waiting', Kalki Koechlin was seen opposite him the film. Story of the film is about sitting in the hospital and waiting. In the hospital, Naseer (Shiv) wife is in coma past 8 years and he is in the hospital, he thinks that Operation will make his wife recover but Doctor says something else. As I told Kalki is also in the film, His husband is also in the same hospital, he is also in Coma due to car accident, both are seen standing opposite their partner, director has shown that doubts of Tara and Shiv amazingly. You may also know : Upcoming movies List Box office collection 2016