No One Talks To Shraddha Kapoor For The Remake Of 'Ram Lakhan'.

Last week news came that filmmaker Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty take a decision to make a remake of 'Ram Lakhan'. Hearing was called Shraddha Kapoor has been sealed for the film . But Shraddha has denied the reports. Actress said, "for the film, no matter their blows with me. Yet no one has contacted me but I definitely want to do Dharma Productions 'film.' An exhibition of jewelry reached Shraddha said that she is also love jewelry like girls. She said, "I am a typical girl who really like jewelry. My first jewelry was given by my mother. That was my grandmother's jewelry. She gave me the old necklace, which is very close to me. "When asked Shraddha that what gift she would like give her mother, She said," I would like to gift Kohinoor diamond. But unfortunately it is not in our country. I wish if it came in our country so I give that gift to my mother. " 'ABCD 2' Shraddha Kapoor has won the hearts of the audience with its tremendous dance now will be seen in 'Rock On 2' and 'rebel'.