Nawaz travels 10 places in a evening in New York

Making different identity with his acting in Bollywood industry. Nawazuddin Siddiqui loves to roam with friends. Whenever he gets free, he goes for vacation. Roaming in night, trying new dresses, shooting in the main part of the vacation. Nawaz says about his travelling experience, 'New York City is very close to me. My many friends lives there. So whenever, I go to America, then I definitely go to New York. I can't see such evening nowhere. People finish their work in noon and they all get ready and come out on streets. Many Restaurants make the seating in open. Here You enjoy food under sky, this city is so big that whole night passes by, but list does not get finished. I loved the restaurant Bookura. It is a artistic place.' Old generation houses are seen there. People there have still maintained it. If talking about food, then whatever you love, you will get in New York. Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Mexican all restaurants are there. I love Mexican food there. It also have many spices and I love spicy food.