Movie Review: Haseena Parkar - Shraddha Kapoor

Name of Movie Haseena Parkar
Critics Rating ★ ★★ ★ ★
Director Apoorva Lakhia
Star cast Shraddha Kapoor, Siddhanth Kapoor
Genre Biopic/Thriller Film
Duration 2 hours 04 Minutes
Date Release 22 Sept 2017

Plot: The movie is a story of a woman who is a sister of the most wanted don. The story of the movie sketches the journey of her life which got largely agitated due to her blood relationship with the underworld don.

Review: Looking at the past work of director Apoorva Lakhia this one can be considered to be his weakest one. In our view, the movie is the sheer result of bad screenplay and direction. Undoubtedly the story is unique and we would like to give full marks to the writer of the movie Suresh Nair, to have come up with such a script. But what fails majorly here is the execution of the script. In portions, the movie appears much dragged, monotonous and one-sided.

The movie starts off with the introduction of Haseena Parker, who is doubted to appear in the court, but crushing everyone’s doubts, she does for an extortion case, filed by a builder. And then the allegations follow by the opposition lawyer, (role played by Priyanka Sethia, whom we last saw in ‘Begum Jaan’). And then Haseena goes on telling her story with the flashback moments trying to prove her innocence. The movie encompasses, various major incidents of Haseena’s life, be it the death of his brother Sabir in a shootout, the infamous Hindu-Muslim riots, untimely death of her husband (Ankur Bhatia) and her brother Dawood (Siddhant Kapoor) emerging as the most wanted Don for the heinous crimes and the impact of all this on her life.

The movie largely appears as a one-woman show with Shraddha Kapoor bearing the load on her own shoulders and she has done it quite brilliantly. Siddhant Kapoor as Dawood is just ok; at times he seems to have gone over the board with his role. Ankur Bhatia, on the other hand, has less screen presence but he still manages to impress. Actress Priyanka Sethia as the opposition lawyer is also very good and her screen presence is almost similar to Shraddha. Actor Rajesh Tailang as Haseena’s lawyer is also good.

Why To Watch: If you have a liking for underworld dramas or gangster sagas you may go and watch it. You can watch it to witness Shraddha Kapoor’s acting but more than that nothing much is there in the movie to hold interest.

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