Motu and Patlu - The King of Kings : Movie Review

If Cartoon series of Motu Patlu would not be shown on Channel to the kids, then maybe we had explained a lot to them about the characters because those who listens to 107.2 Radio Nasha, for then these characters are inside them. Like Chacha Chaudhari, Pink, Mahabali Shaka, Tarzan, Naagraj, Billu and Phantom, Funny Motu Paltu are also like comic characters, who from an era of 70-90 can easily understand. Now this jodi will come on big screens with 3D effects. This story of the film 'Motu and Patlu - The King of Kings' starts from Guddu, who runs away from Circus, Guddu is a lion of the circus, who is very Coward and eats. Like other lions, he doesn't know how to fight and he doesn't even shout. He says himself as Guddu Galib. After running from the circus, he reaches Furfuria Nagariya, where he is caught by Motu and Patlu, who decides him to take National Park as he could be saved. But Guddu doesn't want to go there. He knows that other animals will get to know that how I am. As from starting he was in the city, so he is not habitual of Jungle atmosphere. Somehow, Guddu makes them fool, and run away from there also. Then Motu and Paltu starts searching from him with Dr. Jhatka, Ghasitaram, and Police inspector Chingam. Well, in the jungle some other story is going on. One Dread Hunter Narasimha is trying to destroy the whole jungle. He wants to cut the jungle and make all the animals homeless and wants to steal a gold from a gold mine which is in the centre of the forest. But Narasimha this dream can never be fulfilled because of Forest guard and Raja Sinha (Babbar Sher). Raja many times have defeated Narsimha, but this time, Narasimha has come with all preparation. He has weapons and also a scientist, who has made dangerous animals, but the situation gets changes and Sinha's fight become Motu Plato's fight. They are here in Forest to search Guddu. But they have decided to make the animals get rid of Narasimha. Now one day Sinha dies, now animals are in trouble. Now Motu Patlu wants Guddu to lead animals and make all the animals get rid of Narasimha, But Guddu doesn't listen to him and disappears from Forest. There is no doubt that after a long time a simple animated story for the kids will be too easy for them to understand. In this, it is told that how are forests and Animals important for us. This film has a good message. This will make you laugh also, but this film is seen left behind from Hollywood animated films in terms of 3D special effects. 'The Lion King' of Disney came 10 decades ago, which got Oscar got it's special music. Sinha character is inspire from him only. Well Motu and Patlu is seen free and cool. You may also know : Gulzar and Vishal Bharadwaj again worked together in Motu and Patlu Bollywood Movies 2016