Madhur Bhandarkar's "Calendar Girls" could be postponed

According to latest reports, Madhur Bhandarkar's upcoming movie "Calendar Girls" release could be postponed due to the objection placed by sensor board on few words that are being used in the movie. The movie has already being quite a stir. It was being said that after three weeks the sensor board objected on one of the songs of the movie, saying that it is not the right song to be seen on TV. This decision by the board made Bhandarkar The sourced added that the sensor board had informed Bhandarkar to remove ten objectionable words from his movie. But he has moved to the Revising Committee, which would probable being pushing the release date from 7 August. As per reports by the sources, there was a special screening organized for the board members by Madhur Bhandarkar last Wednesday. The members had informed him that is he wants UA certificate for the movie, then he will have to remove certain words from the movie. Although there was no information of any visual being removed. This decision by the board made Madhur move to the Revising Committee to once again review the movie. It has been added that the filmmakers have agreed about the objectionable words being muted from the entire movie. According to Madhur Bhandarkar, deleting these words would change the entire meaning of the scene. That is why he has moved to the revising committee to get UA certificate. Although the sensor board had claimed that is these words are not removed, then the movie will get A certificate. There was also news breaking that Madhur has also been said to remove nude scenes from his movie “Calendar Girls”, as the movie would also be seen on TV.