Why Lulia Vantur made her Instagram and Twitter Account Private ?

Salman Khan's present Girlfriend Lulia Vantur was in news, when she gave her views on Raped Women statement. She gave her message about this issue on Instagram. But it seems like Salman Khan did not liked it. Lulia accepted Salman Khan's mistake. She apologized in behalf of Salman Khan. It seemed the Salman will appreciate her for it, but something opposite happened. Salman did not liked Lulia apologizing on social media. After this message, Salman did Lulia far from common people. If to believe one source then, Lulia was active on Social Media few days back and her profile was in public access. But now Lulia has done her Insta and Twitter account private. Now any common man cannot access her account. Did Lulia took this decision because of Salman Khan? Is Salman wanting Lulia to keep her personal life private? This cannot happen, because Salman has not justified till now on his Statement.