Kuch Kuch Locha Hai 2015 Official Trailer

Film is somewhat 'Kuch kuch Locha' have very Loche. Indeed, the film seems to be more than a middle-aged man's fantasy. Writer and director Dewang Dohlkia first scene of the film told by showing to reduce Sunny Leone clothes what is going to happen next. , maybe it's always revolved in director's mind while making the movie. Ram Kapoor played as Pravin Patel role in the film. Patel, 45-year Patel is an old store owner in Malaysia. Has a son. Patel and his friend park, gym etc are to see young women at the places. Meanwhile Patel meets from Bollywood superstar Sunny Leone. He fixes a date with him on Valentine's Day. Simultaneously, another love story in the movie is playing. That is Patel's son Jigar. His girlfriend is made Naina (aveline Sharma). - Director's work shows that they have learned from the C-grade films heroine suits hot in the water. Maybe that's why in every other scene Sunny does in swimming pool. Every second or third scene is shown Clevej linen. And then the film is a song dedicated to the swimming pool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNMoY9SoKpM