KRk cheap tweet to Vaani kapoor and Ranveer Singh

Everyone knows who is Kamal R Khan. Now he is back with his new comment. This time target is Ranveer Singh and Vaani kapoor. Both will be seen in Aditya CHopra's film Befikre. Recently KRK saw the bold poster of kiss of the film and he thought something unique. He retweets the poster and wrote to Ranveer that, 'Bhai Ji Ranveer, did you get laid at the time of shooting this one? He also attacked Vaani kapoor, he tweets, 'Vaani Kapoor will be very big actress in future Because Jab Ek Khoobdurat Ladki Kapde Utaarne Par Aa Jaye, Toh Fir Usko Koi Nahi Rok Sakta.' Some reacts to his comment, some don't, but Krk says on every issue.