Krishna Chaturvedi And Ruhi Singh 33 Retakes For A Kiss scene

There is nothing new in Kiss scenes in the film, but this film Hero and Heroine did noe kiss scene 33 times. Director said Ok after 33 takes. Come lets tell you the matter. Krishna Chaturvedi is starting his filmy career with Ishq Forever. Ruhi Singh is also in the film. There are many romantic scenes in the film between them. During on romantic scenes, something happened in front of the unit that both of them started sweating. Krishna Chaturvedi And Ruhi Singh Krishna was ready for the kiss scene and even Ruhi Singh was ready. Director said action, he did not liked say ok. Again this kiss scene was done but this scene was done continuously. Not once but 33 times they both kissed eachother in front of whole unit, then somewhere director said ok and both got relexed. Krishna Chaturvedi And Ruhi Singh On this Krishna said, we were doing the scene correct, problem was that, where this scene was shot that area was very grossly and even light was also not good. Because of this, scene was shot for 33 times, we both this not panic for this scene and were giving the takes happily.