Know how Sunny Leone shot all the intimate scene of One Night stand

Sunny Leone is doing many things besides acting in India and now she also has made her writing debut through a mobile app. Other than this Sunny Leone is in news for her upcoming movie One Night stand and she has given many intimate scenes with Tanuj Virwani in the film. Jasmine D'souza directorial film is all set to release. According to a news Jasmine told about making of intimate scenes between Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani. She said there is nothing new for Sunny Leone to give intimate scene but this is going to nervous for Tanuj Virwani. But Tanuj and Sunny handled the situation very good and before the shoot they discussed every single aspect of the scene. Good tuning between both the stars made scenes perfect. Sunny Leone always made funny environment for Tanuj for making him comfortable. Tanuj has to be shirtless in the film so that's Tanuj was on dieting in this Sunny always eat something in front of Tanuj to make him tease. During a one scene shooting on the beach they both swept with the strong waves of sea but the rescue team saved them.