Kapil Sharma's brother was also on the mission Pathankot terror attack

Recently when terrorist attacked on Pathankot air base that time Kapil Sharma's brother Ashok Sharma was also on the same place. During the attacks Punjab police's soldier Ashok Sharma was on duty at outside airbase. Let me tell you that 7 soldiers were martyred in that mission. However Indian soldiers killed 6 terrorists. Ashok sharma 35 years Ashok is two years elder than Kapil and he is a head constable in Amritsar rural police. He was sent Pathankot on 2nd January. He was on duty of entry out position at the outside of air base. Ashok told the experience and said, 'we did 20 hours shift in first three day, when we reached to our temporary shelter then we got some breakfast. I slept some moment and then again reached on spot.'