Kapil Sharma demanded 5 times the fees

After when Comedy Night With Kapil was shut down, CEO of the channel said about Kapil Sharma that he was not ablt to control is success. Same is happening in his filmy career. Kis Kis Ko pyaar Karu starrer Kapil Sharma started demanding 5 times fees. Last film he did in 1 crores. Before he agreed to do some offers in the same amount, but now source are telling that he is asking for 5-5 crores for those movies. He thinks that his debut movie was hit because of him, but this is not true. This happened because of Abbas Mastan and low budget. This film was made in 21 crores including promotions and it collected 40 crores at the box office. It was made of small budget and it was sold in also less amount, that's why recovery was easy. After all this, film got profit from Kapil and his comedy. Three independent production company also talked about their project with Kapil, now when the time came to futher the talk, Kapil asked for 5 crores for each film. Given him this much is not possible. With this costing of this film goes to 25-30 crores. Producer feel that Kapil's fan following cannot get budget of the film covered.