Kangana Ranaut was struck down in the film industry.

Bollywood actress Kangana Rnot today, many actress are beginning to feel threatened. This is same industries which had Kangana feels itself stranded. -. When Kangana stepped into the film industry, she'd think she would have slipped away. But now she feels himself fearless and confident. The film 'Gangster' film debut Kangana said, "When I came into the industry I was caught. I was dead in all my movies, so it was not easy for me to come out. " Kangana said, "I think it was my destiny and I really worked hard to make a mark in the industry." - The film 'Fashion' and 'Queen', who won the National Award, Kangana had appeared in the double role released film "Tanu Weds Manu Returns'. The film was a great hit. Last year their film "Queen" was also enjoyed tremendous success. Actress said that is not afraid of them at this stage of career. Kangana said, "I think where I am,I am not afraid of anyone. When I came into this industry I had nothing, but now I have tremendous confidence. I do not have to answer to anyone and I am living my life on my own terms. " -