Jurrasic World Official Trailer 2015

23 years later, Steven Spielberg once again took the audience to the world. Where the water glasses and green marmalade such views have meet. This whole thing is based on fantasy. Isla Nblr Island is located in the center of America. The park now operates as a self-aware. It also recognizes the fact that "now there is no such thing as dinosaurs." But if the point of the Modern VFX so that is not true. As the villain in the film, which has been called a monster 'Indomins Rex. It's a genetic Modifaid creation but can not seen. It is another matter that the graphics department, that have tried. The reason we have seen such scenes before. In the last decade many films came where I got to see something like that. Beyond that, however little real role of Irfan Khan appears, rather than the odd-poor thing on the island. As in other films of the franchise, there are some scenes that will force you to laugh like 'Piranha 3D' view. Under water scene filmed is a reminder of the 'Deep Blue Sea'. Suddenly miss Shark times. After this as like Basic Making film here is a hero who is lead everything. Some scenes in the film also a reminder you Kingkhan.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-6G911eCvg