John Abraham was badly injured during the shooting of 'Force 2'

John Abraham is known as an action hero and he is not habitual to body double, because John loves taking the risk, But this time, during this shooting of Force 2, he took many risks that he could have lost his legs. John tells himself, during the shooting a stunt scene, he lost his control and when he was accelerating on ground, then his head was about to bang on the wall, so during this he showed smartness and made his knee clash with the wall, but when he was injured then he was taken to hospital in Budapest, their doctor took out blood clot with a rod, Doctors told that you have to loose your leg, that time John was very scared. Then John called his Mumbai doctor. John thought that everything is good, but Mumbai doctors also said that his knee was too much damaged and if it would not have been treated on right time, then definitely he could have lost his leg. He was worried for few days, but later he thought that it doesn't mean that I will leave the action. He will keep doing action and will keep taking the risk. John Abraham's Force 2 will be released soon. Sonakshi Sinha will be seen opposite John in this film. It is directed, Abhinay Deo. This film is scheduled for a worldwide release on 18 November 2016.  Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Viacom Motion Pictures, John Abraham is producing the film. You may also know : Force 2 Trailer Bollywood Movies 2016