Jacqueline's reaction on question over Ranbir Kapoor

After breaking up with Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor's name was linked with many girls. In this, Kamal Hasan's daughter Shruti Hasan was also included. But from last few days, he is in news after getting close to Jacqueline Fernandez. Recently, in a Football tournament they were seen together and the source tells that Ranbir's eyes were continuously on Jacqueline. According to media reports, 'it was also revealed that, after breaking up with Katrina, Ranbir is sending the flirtatious message. Now how much truth lies in this speculated news, Is Jacqueline and Ranbir Kapoor going around, such answers only Ranbir and Jacqueline can give. According to a report, Jacqueline was seen in a restaurant, then she was aksed is she has special friendship with Ranbir, First she made shocking facing and then she turned towards her manager and repeated the same question 'My friendship with Ranbir?' It was clear that Jacqueline did not want to talk about her link-up rumors with Ranbir, but she repeated the question and went off with a smile. Jacqueline here was trying to show that it doesn't matter to her nor she wants to Add fuel to the fire, so that's why she went without answering. Jacqueline did not say yes or no. Now lets see what Ranbir Kapoor says on this or will get save like Jacqueline. Let me tell you during the shooting of Roy, Ranbir, and Jacqueline came close for the first time, but that time Katrina was with him so that's why Jacqueline backed off. You may also know : Ranbir is chasing Jacqueline Bollywood Movies 2016