Jackie was the first person, whose Autograph I took : Abhishek Bachchan

Jackie Shroff shared a talk of few days back and told that when in 1980 Abhishek Bachchan asked him for an autography, then I felt like a star. Jackie said, 'I was shooting my film Mera Jawan in Chennai, then two kids came to me for an autograph, two kids were Abhishek and his sister shweta, I was in a hotel, where Amitabh Bachchan was also staying. Jackie said during the trailer launch of Housefull 3, 'Amitabh only sent for an autograph, somebody said that his kids wants to meet and wants to take an autograph. Then I felt like a star.' Abhishek is also in Housefull 3. He said, 'Jackie was the first actor, whose autograph I took. I was very excited and was a huge fan of his style, I also used to wear Bandana on my head. Jackie said, 'Abhishek is very good and pays all his attention to the work. Housefull 3 is releasing on 3rd June.