I'M Not A Terrorist 2017 Release Date Cast – Gulshan Grover, Rahul Dev

Plot - It is the story of the movie 'I'M Not A Terrorist' a girl boy Ummar and Dayana. They both lived and studied in Malaysia but one day when the news comes that Ummar’s mother is not well, the two decides to go to Kashmir to meet her. When they land there they come to know the reason behind why Ummar was sent to Malaysia far from his land 15 years ago. The reason was that his father  ABDUL RASYAD was accused as a terrorist when he blew off himself in the middle of a small town. Many innocent people were killed that day. Then his mother quickly sent Ummar to Malaysia and she herself moved to a more secluded village. Abu Zar who is a local gangster and terrorist wannabe. Fifteen years ago, due to his lust for power, Abu Zarterrorised his own countryman with suicide bombing and other speechless acts. One of his victims was Rasyad, the father of the protagonist, Ummar. Unfortunately, they never realise one of Abu Zar’s followers is watching them from afar. Now Abu Zar has a plan to make Dayana his next target for a suicide bomb mission within Kashmir.
Name of the Film I'M Not A Terrorist
Producer  Arjin Uppal
Director Arjin Uppal
Star Cast Gulshan Grover, Rahul Dev, Afiq Muiz, Farida Jalal
Genre Action/Drama  Film
Release Date  6 October 2017
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