It would be great fun to make a film on Bhatt sisters : Alia Bhatt

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt says that it would be great fun to make film on her and her two sisters. Alia said, If a film made on us three sisters me, Shaheen and Pooja then it will be a good story. We all three sisters are very different personalities and in this if we come together then it is going be a very funny. The film will be a whole dramatic and and comedy. Alia Bhatt is promoting her upcoming film Kapoor & Sons and in a television show she shared feeling. She also said that her family is very free to express their Ideas and thoughts. Alia also said that we speak loudly. We are very opinionated people and we share all our feeling to everyone. If we are talking then it is going to be full of mixture of expressions and feelings sometime it becomes nasty and that's how we are mad. Alia Bhatt's upcoming movie Kapoor & Sons is releasing on 18th March 2016.