Gajendra Chauhan views on Udta Punjab controversy

Gajendra Chauhan who is the president of FTII, has also jumped in the controversies going on between Censor Board and Udta Punjab. He said that question should not have been raised on countries for a film. When he was asked about his views on this issue, he said, 'Whenever any board takes a decision, then they it in some rules and regulations. Pehlaj Nihlani has been given a responsibility. He is linked with cinema, he is experienced, was also a producer. So, I think, the decision that he has taken, must be under rule.' When he was asked about Anurag kashyap, then he said, 'If he is given that position, then he will get to know, with what difficulties and rules, work is done there. For a film, you are targeting the whole country, Unfortunate. I think, he should apologised to the citizen of Nation. When Censor Board asked to remove word Punjab from the title, then Anurag Kashyap compared India with North Korea. He tweets, 'I always wondered what it felt like to live in North Korea. Ab to plane pakadney ki bhi zaroorat nahin.’ Udta Punjab is based on drugs in Punjab. Censor Board ordered 89 cuts for the movie, even title is also controversial, now he has given order to remove word 'Punjab' from the title.