My Film is perfect for Christmas Release : Salman Khan

Salman Khan knows when where what to say, with which Aamir Khan gets bit tensed. Now what he has done with Sultan, with that Aamir Khan is tensed. But this time Salman has again targeted Aamir khan. Actually, someone asked Salman, why he loves Eid so much. Then Salman said that not only EID, all the festivals that give good collection to the films, I want to release my films on that. Then be it be Eid or Diwali. Recently, I had read a script, which I liked it and this film is perfect for Christmas release. Now Christmas is of Aamir from long time. Now Salman Khan's straight aim to Christmas, can make Aamir Khan angry, but Aamir has not made it clear that, which Christmas he is talking about this or next year.