‘Eros Now’ Now Available On Apple TV Channels In USA, Canada

Eros Now is a leading Indian subscription-based over the top, entertainment and media platform which offers media streaming and video on-demand services. Launched in 2012, the Indian beast has come a long way. Interestingly, Eros Now Select is now available on Apple TV channels in USA and Canada as well. Eros Now happens to offer a huge catalogue consisting of Bollywood movies, original movies and shows and others in several Indian languages. The platform has a list of popular, entertaining films, series and shows for the audience to watch. The subscribers of Eros Now Select will now be able to watch content online or download and watch films, series and shows on their Apple TV app through Apple TV channels.

While Indians love watching films and shows originated in the USA and Canada, the Indian aura is also quite prevalent in those areas. Many Indians who reside in foreign countries have a special preference for Bollywood and Indian content production, following which the Indian content is quite popular over there. Also, given the fact that many locations in many Indian movies, series, musical events are based in the USA and Canada, Bollywood and Indian content happens to connect with people there. The CEO of Eros Now Select, Ali Hussein was quoted saying that the new launch of Eros Now Select on Apple TV channels would strengthen and deepen connections with the audiences in the US by bringing to the Indian and international content which would also globally enhance the platform.

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