Documentary made on Arvind Kejriwal will be shown in Toronto Film Festival

A documentary is made on making of Aam Aadmi Party and it's politician Arvind Kejriwal 'An Insignificant Man'. Along with this three more Documentaries will be made and these four thing will be screened in Toronto Film Festival. Sherly Abraham and Amit Madheshiya's documentary ' The Cinema Traveller' and Richa Mehta's 'India in a Day', two more films, which will be shown in festival from 8th - 18 September. Shooting of 'An Insignificant Man' was done in two years, this film is directed by Khushboo Ranka adn Vinay Shukla and is produced by Aanand Gandhi. Both the director who claim that they are close to APP, says that film is an attempt to study various forces shaping democracy. Both the directors said, 'AAP is in center of discussion. Neither we want to make it make it them as hero of protesters nor wanting to abuse them for being politicians.' He said in an statement, 'Our film tells us a story, which echos with universal concerns about democracy. Our effect is to construct an image of the various forces which gives a shape to the democracy, In which biggest are voters.' Earlier title of this film was 'Proposition for a Revolution'. This film has won several international awards like Sundance Fund, the IDFABertha grant and the Busan fund. Second Documentary 'The Cinema Traveller' will also be shown in film festival. This film was appreciated in Cannes film festival, where this film had won special Jury prize. Madheshiya and Abraham has nearly Illustrated for seven-decade, which is about to get over. Both the directors told, 'Travelling cinemas are part of this collective communal experience, but it is not mentioned in out cinema history. That was the important point to start the project.' You May also know : Box office collection 2016 Superhit Movies List