'Dilwale' results loss for the distributors

As Producer Shahrukh Khan has already saved his money, but there is a news that distributors have faced lose because of 'Dilwale'. This film collected 130 crores in 12 days and before it was expected that it will go till 145-150 crores in Indian Market. Shahrukh Khan did not faced loss but the distributors have faced loss because of Dilwale. He sold his film to his distributors with the help of his production Red Chillies. This dead happened before 6 months from release. That time it was expected that Dilwale will earn 225-250 crores, so that is why it was made costly. But the Business was too low and distributors have faced loss. Will SRK compensate : According to the source, 'Shahrukh before the release said his distributors that he is with him in Profit and Loss. Let see how he deficit his trader with his next film. Before also Shahrukh's 'Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani' was not able to work properly, so he sold his next film Chalte Chalte in less amount.