If we had desired of a son then Kangana has not be part of the world : Kangana Ranaut's father

Recently in an media interaction Kangana said that she was a unwanted child. According to Kangana, my family was not happy on my birth and my mom could not telling anyone that they born a daughter again. But her father Amardeep Ranaut is saying that this statement of Kagana was very wrong. Kangana family use to live in Himachal Pradesh's mandi and he told to a local newspaper of there, If we had desired of son then Kangana has not been part of this world. We have not ever regretted to her birth. we always celebrated happiness. He also said that before Rangoli we had a son but due to Ammonia he got died soon in that case my family was very depressed. Then Rangoli born after that we celebrated in the home. Kangana Ranaut was born after Rangoli, the environment around us was not very good for born a girl. People not congratulated us they did consolations with us which we didn't like and that's why we had not invited anyone but we celebrated together.