Delhi Police reached Bigg Boss 10 house to arrest Swami Om ji

Swami Om Ji these days is seen in the house of Bigg Boss 10. However, Police is not in the mood to leave Baba in the house. Actually, according to a report, Delhi Police came to arrest Swami Om Ji in the case of stealing and Arms act in Bigg Boss House. Om Ji denied to come out of the house, so police have taken his sign on some papers. Very few people know that Baba is alleged to steal something from his brother's shop. Police have got some vulgar photos of girls from him, he used to blackmail them. Rakhi Sawant wants to face Swami Ji in Bigg Boss 1 Just 2 days before entering the Bigg Boss house, Delhi High Court issues a non-bailable warrant against him for not appearing in the court. But when nobody appeared, then again one warrant was issued here. It is the 4th Non-Bailable warrant against Baba. Before the hearing Om Ji demands a lawyer from the court. He said that he doesn't have money, so he cannot hire a lawyer. Om Ji younger brother Promod Jha filed a case against him in 2008. In the complaint, it was said that Baba has stolen 11 cycles, expensive spare parts, and documents by break the lock of the shop situated in Lodhi Colony. According to the Promod, his son saw Om Ji breaking the lock of the show. Police registered a FIR against him. Swami exposed Manveer and Manu Punjabi Baba is full of Controversy. According to the investigative report of Delhi Police, apart from stealing, the case of Arms act and 7 cases against Tada are registered. Many weapons were recovered from Baba Ji. You may also like :- Box office collection 2016 Superhit Movies List