Censor Board gave unique certificate to Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab is a matter of discussion from long time. long Fight is going on with Censor Board. Censor board asked to remove abusive scenes and Drug scenes, because of it, Producers of the film went to court. Court gave permission to Udta Punjab to get released with one cut. Now certificate is attracting the attention, only Censor Board gives the permission to release the film, but for Udta Punjab certificate, High Court talked about it. Udta Punjab is passed by Mumbai High Court, fight between films and censor Board is a common thing, but this case is something very unique. On the certificate it is clearly written that this film is passed by Mumbai High Court, it is the first time that such thing is written on the certificate. Board had many problems with the film made on drugs, but court refused all the problems, now Board has issued A certificate for the film, but stamp of High Court is on that. Now it is clear that Board is not happy with this film.