Bigg Boss 10 : Will Vj Bani go out of the house on her Birthday

A shocking turn is going to come in Bigg Boss and it can happen that Bani goes out of the house. Actually, Bigg Boss gave a Dom task to the house contestant, in which it stated that who will lose the task, he will be punishable and he will go out of the house. In this dorm, one challenger and one nominated contestant will sit and who will first come out of Dom, he will be punished. During the task, Bani was defeated by Priyanka Jagga, which makes it clear that She is directly nominated to go out of the house Ex-contestant VJ Andy was shocked with this and tweets, 'What?! Does that mean Bani Is out? '. Today is Bani's Birthday. It is said that today only she can go out of the house. Will Bani go out of the house, this we don't know, but everyone is shocked over her losing the task. now let's see who will go out this week. Lopamudra gives new look to Swami Ji Right now there are four wildcard entries inside the house. They are 'Priyanka Jagga, Jason Shah, Sahil Anand and Elena Kazan. These people are trying hard to break the bonding of contestants with other ones. Priyanka Jagga is trying to build a wall between Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa. Let's see will she be successful. Monalisa start feeling afraid after Priyanka Jagga's entry  Bigg Boss day by day is getting controversial, TRP of this show have started going up, now when Priyanka is back, she will be creating too much drama. You may also like :- Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club