'Bahubali' created a new record, Hindi version earnings exceeded 100 Crore

Director S. S. Rajamuli's movie 'bahubali', the Hindi version has exceeded 100 million mark. Hindi version of the film on Sunday 3.40 crore and Monday 1.52 crore has earned. The total collection was Rs 105.03 Crore. The 'bahubali' before any South Indian film made such a record. Rajinikanth starrer 'Anthirn' (Robot, Hindi version) with a collection of Rs 26 crore by the highest grossing South Indian film so far. Worldwide 504 crore collection According to media reports at the box office worldwide 'bahubali' gross collection has been of Rs 504.35 crore. On Monday, the 25th day of the film grossed nearly 4.55 crore. The film's 24-day Global Collection 499.8 crores. The film was released on July 10 'bahubali', was released on July 10. Prabhas, Rana Dggubti, Tamanna Bhatia and Anushka Shetty starrer, the film grossed 60 million set a record for the first day was. Worldwide, the highest grossing opening day at the box office is the first Indian film. Then, with 44.97 million collection SRK starrer 'Happy New Year' is followed. 'bahubali' box office record >> Most money on the box office opening day (60 crore) in Indian film. >> Within Two days the first Indian film to gross 100 million. >>>> Release film after just 5 days 'bahubali', has garnered Rs 200 crore in the world. 5 days 200 crore club, joining the film's record. >> Top Earning (Rs 105 crore) with a Hindi dubbed version (all Indian languages). >> Hindi dubbed version of the robot Lifetime earnings (Rs 26 crore) broke the record. In South India, with revenues of Rs 27 crore >> Highest Opening Day Collection. >> The release of 300 million in just 9 days, joining the club is the first Indian film 'bahubali'. >> 'bahubali' in the US and Malaysia Aamir Khan starrer film 'PK' record breaking earnings have set a new record. 'bahubali' first weekend in the US at Rs 28.07 and Rs 23.43 lakh in Malaysia is to break the record earnings.