Arjun will one do biopics if it connects with me

Arjun Kapoor tasting the succes of Ki and Ka, says that he wants to do Biopic, but for this important thing is that character should connect with me, but not because everyone is doing. Arjun said, 'You should only do biopics, when you can connect yourself, not because everyone is doing.' He also said that he will do th e biopic if he gets the genuine script and and if he could relate to the person he will be seen playing on-screen. He said, 'if the script is nice then I think I can play this character then of course I will consider biopic. Right now Arjun is preparing for his next film “Half Girlfriend”, of Mohit Suri. This is based on the novel of Chetan Bhagat. He also said, he is not just 'looking for a biopic specifically', I am looking to do all kind of films.'