Anushka Sharma called up Virat after India-Pakistan Match

If to believe the news then Anushka Sharma called up Virat Kohli to congratulate him after winning the match with Pakistan on 27 February. This was revealed by their close friend. Fans are quite happy with this news, who wants to see this pair again together. Few days back, there was a news of break up between Virat and Anushka Sharma. But one magazine told that they both haven't broken up. News of break up got started when, both of them unfollowed each other on Instagram. New was till this extent that Anushka refused Virat marriage proposal. Before going to Australia trip, Virak asked leave for Sri Lanka tour, as he could spend some quality time with Anushka, because after this they both will get busy in their own projects. But it could not happen, because Anushka signed Sultan, due to which vacation plan got flopped. This was a reason why Virat is angry with Anushka and both had a fight.