Anju Mosi designed all the dresses for Bajirao Mastani

From the time Sanjay Leela Bansali's Bajirao Mastani trailer is released. Since then leading ladies Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone has been getting many appreciation for their traditional outfit. Deepika is looking very beautiful in Muslim-Persian dresses and Priyanka Chopra is looking stunning in nine yard long nauwari saree. These dresses are designed by famous Anju Modi, who worked very hard and has done research for 2 years to prepare these dresses. Before this Anju Modi has also designed dresses of Ram Leela. Priyanka's 80 Nauwari saree were made in one n half year  Priyanka is seen wearing many beautiful saree in the film, Anju prepared 80 sarees for Priyanka Chopra. Anju tells that these saree are not made in machine but with hands. Each and every saree took a month to get prepared and I had to make 80 sarees for Priyanka Chopra. For this I hired craftsmen from Pune, Indore, Chanderi and Nagpur. Which took one n half years to complete these sarees. bajirao Deepika as Warrior Princess 'Mastani' Appreciating Deepika Anju said, Deepika will be seen in two different characters in the film. One will be in sword practice and horse riding, for which she is wearing very heavy armor and second is of Mastani, in will she will be seen in Delicate and silk cloths. bairao 1 Marathi women helped Priyanka in wearing saree Priyanka will be seen wearing nine yard long nauwari saree. Anju Mosi kept a Marathi women in helping Priyanka wearing saree in tradition way. I hires 65 years old Marathi women who helped Priyanka is wearing saree. Selected Dhani colour for Deewani Mastani The most challenging work for Anju Modi was to select Deepika dress for Deewani Mastani song. Actually Sanjay wanted something different for this dance number. So Anju selected Dhani colour. Which is used very less. bajirao mastani