Amitabh remembered Titanic Pose

Bollywood's megastar Amitabh Bachchan did comparison of his picture of resting in stream during shooting of his upcoming film 'Teen' on Hugal river at Kolkata with Leonardo Caprieo's titanic pose in satirical way. Big B wrote on his blog - This ship is like Leonardo's ship in titanic, however I am sure that there is no ice floe and will not hit the ship because ice floe is not origin of Hugal River. This is to notice that Big B has worked with Leonardo Caprieo in Hollywood film 'The Great Gatsby'. Amitabh also shared his experience of shooting on Howrah Bridge. He said, Miracle of Technology Howrah Bridge is useful of million people to cross and it was made by British in their ruling time. The excitement was not less than walking and driving scooter on Howrah Bridge.