Akshay opts for a new formula of helping farmers through fashion show

A year back Nana Patekar has taken a step to help the farmers. With a talk with Mid Day, he has discussed about all the things going in this regard. Nana has said that he is not doing a big thing. We all want to help. Like all others we all want that this money should reach the needful. That is why he has decided that he himself will visit the people in need and help them. It is one of the most important thing these days. Today when we hear that someone does suicide, we feel bad about it and it is obvious. If after 69 years of Independence we are not able to provide proper water and electricity, then what are we up to. Now this work has been taken ahead by Akshay. Last week in a fashion show he has invited a guest. He wanted to donate for the cause. On the evening around 5 lakh rupees were collected. With this money 100 families will be offered food for one month. Sources have told that people came forward to donate money in this regard as they know that it will surely reach to the needful.It is being collected from those who are not from the industry. Easily 10 to 15 lakh rupees gets collected. Akshay said that it is a matter that needs great attention. He just hopes that more and more people come forward to help.