Akshay Kumar is preparing to get the sequel of Special 26

Akshay Kumar is preparing to get the sequel of Special 26. This decision he has taking after Airlift got hit. Now two films got hit this year till now and one of them is Airlift. Source told, 'Akshay Kumar has spoken to his team about it. He talked in elaborative way. After that it was decided that he will do films based on real incident. His team is doing research on such topics which happened after freedom. Conditions are that the story will be connected to people life in a positive way. In this he has finalised Special 26. First part of this film was hit and today also it has repeat value on TVs. Story will be for fraud. For this Akshay is asked his team search real incident. His team is searching for such cases happened in last 60-65 year in all small and big cities in which a group has done big frauds. Trade Analyst says that, 'Akshay is doing films like Special 26, Baby and Gabbar. After Airlift, people chance in choice came out. Akshay action comedy image has lost after this. Akshay fan following has increased as compared with other actors. Earlier his films were not loved but now everybody is loving his films.