Akshay got angry when Airlift was compared with Argo

Oscar winning film 'Argo' and Akshay Kumar's upcoming film Airlift have many thing similar in it. That's why people are comparing it. But Akshay don't think the same. Akshay says, comparing with Argo is like insulting Airlift. Akshay Kumar is busy doing promotion of his film Airlift. Recently, I reached Delhi to promote Arlift. Here he said angrily, that in Ben Afleck's 'Argo' 6 people were rescued from Iran Hostage problem. But our film is based on Iraq-Kuwait war and 1,70,000 Indian were rescued from there. He said, 'This is wrong if anybody says that Airlift is a copy of Argo. I think that such stories are insult to our movie, then how a real based movie can be a copy any other film. Raja Krishna Menon directed Airlift. Nimrat Kaur is opposite Akshay Kumar. Airlift is releasing on 22 January.