Akshara Haasan absent from promotions of Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddu Deewana

Akshara Haasan has gone from the promotions of her second Bollywood movie, Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddoo Deewana. The actress continues hidden, much to the embarrassment of the producers. Akshara dropping in action, promotional activities have come to a smashing halt. At a recent movie event, Vivaan and Gurmeet were found romancing her life-size article from the posters. 'She was cooperative during the movie shoot. I honestly don't know what has taken into her now. She persists incommunicado. Repeated calls have passed unanswered. Her manager tells she is tied up with other commitments. She only accompanied the trailer launch followed by media cooperation' says director Manish Harishankar. The makers realized that after her filmmaker-uncle Chandrahasan's passing earlier this month, she required some time off to grieve and so, they let her be. However, even days later, she extends to remain unavailable. Sources say she was offended when the trailer launch began late. There is also buzz that Akshara is in no state to promote the movie on rumored beau Tanuj Virwani's demand. For starters, there were talks of Akshara and Laali Ki Shaadi co-star Vivaan being a thing. Manish adds 'We were set to be on Kapil Sharma's show, but everybody wants to understand why the heroine is avoiding. I wish she would tell us what is running on in her mind.' Akshara, however, says, 'I did do it to several promotions, but couldn't attend a few extras due to my uncle's demise.' She is young in the industry but already establishing benchmarks for others to support. Akshara Haasan was busy promoting her upcoming movie 'Laali Ki Shaadi Main Laddoo Deewana', but what usual don't know is that she has been sick and was hospitalized on more than one instant in the past one month. Despite that, the young artist denied to let go of a single opportunity to promote the movie. 'It is essential that we promote the movie that we work so hard for. Every member of the cast must put their strength behind the movie,' said Akshara Haasan and has always managed that. Her co-star Vivaan Shah adds, 'Akshara is the extremely respectful, acknowledged, well-behaved and disciplined actress. As to what appeared that day, if I was in her place, perhaps I would have lost my calm too.' Akshara's co-star was indicating to a recent report of the actor apparently losing her cool during an interview. Akshara gets on the reports head on when questioned, 'These reports have been stretched. I experience the most respectful relationship with Mr. Sunny Khanna. I was extremely sick during the media interactions and showed a wish to go home. Mr. Khanna was most knowing, but what was a personal conversation has been gone for me being stupid. I called up Mr. Khanna and regretted and he was surprised and said don't spend attention.' When we talked to Sunny Khanna he had the equivalent thing to say, 'I don't have any difficulties with Akshara. She was very ill from the beginning of the promotions, notwithstanding which she came and gave interviews like a real professional. What occurred that day has misunderstood. She did lose her calm, but has previously apologized as well.' Director Manish Harishankar added, 'Akshara is the nicest, most gentle individuals I have ever known. My heartfelt sympathies for the death of her uncle.' What could be a significant testimony to her engagement that Akshara was promoting the movie, but had to rush to Chennai because of the loss of her uncle who was the elder brother of Kamal Hassan.