Priyanka handling two worlds together

Priyanka Chopra these days is busy in the shooting of her upcoming Hollywood show "Quantico". There has also been news that she will return to India next month and will then sign two films. As this is the first show of Priyanka in Hollywood, that is why she is treating herself as an all new actress. She said that when she signed her movie "Andaaz" with Akshay she was won the Miss World contest. She remembers the time when she used to sit at Juhu and sees the hoardings there. She wish that one day she could be a part of those hoardings. Priyanka said it took her 5 years to reach there and before the release of "Fashion" she was ahead of all this. She said that she could feel the same feeling again. In New York Priyanka has made her costar her best friend whose name is Annabelle Acosta. Let us tell you that in this show there are a number of actresses. Sharing this experience Priyanka says that she feels like visiting the school again, where boys used to have their own gangs and girls used to chill out in their own group. Her co stars are experienced TV actors and supports her. She says that she is happy as she is not along there. Priyanka has even kept a special show of her movie "Gunday"for her co stars. She says that after the movie many boys were seen removing their shirts like Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. They are even planning to make their video and send to the director Ali Abbas Zafar. Priyanka says that they know that she is far away from her home and that is why they take care of her so much. Also when they shoot in Canada, they also miss their families. Priyanka will come to India to pack up the shoot of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film "Bajirao Mastani ', which is releasing in September. She says that she has some scenes with Ranveer that she has to shoot. She even says that she will sign two films, but cannot say much about it now. She can only tell it when she is in Mumbai. She said that she is managing work of two worlds (Bollywood-Hollywood)and is trying to keep balance between both.