Priyanka Chorpa said to Sunny Leone, "you did it in my country and me in yours"P

Priyanka Chopra is in news for her upcoming TV show "Quantico", specially in America where the show is being made. From Time Square to every buses, there is only Priyanka and Priyanka. Seeing this the Indians living there would surely be proud. As the show is being celebrated as a festival, the people are also equally excited. Seeing all this the one who is shocked and happy is Sunny Leone. She is feeling really proud to see the posters of Priyanka everywhere in Los Angeles. Sunny in this regard congratulated Priyanka by posting a tweet saying "Oh my god Priyanak Chopra! I am just back from Los Angeles and there every where just you are seen. I an really proud of you". Replying to this Priyanka said "Thank you so much Sunny Leone. Very good. I am sure that some girl of California will also shine".