One fan of Akshay Kumar came from Haridwar on bicycle to meet the actor

You have seen fans standing outside the houses of actors to get a look at their favorite star but sometimes some fans also do something which shocks everyone. One fan of Akshay Kumar also has done something like that and this fan of Akshay Kumar came from Haridwar to Mumbai by a bicycle. Akshay himself gave this information on social media. Akshay shared one picture with this crazy fan and informed by tweeting, This guy came from Haridwar on a cycle to meet me but it's not advisable. Love you'll for all the love but request you'll not to do this. Akshay Kumar with a fan However a few days back the same thing happened with Ajay Devgn also when one fan of him scare him a lot that Ajay Devgn had to promised him to meet him. Actually, this happened that one person 22 years old Shamshad threatened everyone to suicide by hanging from 100 ft. deep well. He even said that if they didn't make me meet to Ajay Devgn he will do suicide. Shahrukh's fan has to face jail for his craziness Then Ajay Devgn promised this fan on social media, Shamshad I am coming to Jodhpur soon to shoot a film, there we will meet. Let me tell you that these days Ajay Devgn is busy with the shooting of his upcoming movie Baadshaho in Rajasthan. Salman's prodigality to his fans The fans always this kind of crazy things to meet their favorite stars but stars always have urged them to not do this kind of things. Even Shahrukh's film Fan was totally based on this kind of craziness of fans. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club