Not only Fan, Shahrukh Khan's these 10 films are copy of Hollywood Films

Shahrukh khan's film Fan which is releasing this week, is in issues before the release. This is been said that this film is a coly of 1996 released film 'The Fan', Difference is this film has different character and in this Shahrukh khan is playing both the character. The Fan is story of a Sports star and a Fan, whereas , Shahrukh Khan's Fan in a story of film star and his fan. Trailer of both the film is how some similar. The Fan was not appreciated and was not good also. Fan can get this advantage of it. But both the film has many similarities. Now see, how much SRK fan will love this. Well, this is not the first time happening, that Shahrukh Khan any film is a copy of Hollywood films. There are many films before Fan, which is copy of any Hollywood film or is inspired by it. 9 8 3 7 6 0 2 4 5