Naseeruddin Shah did not charged any fees for 'The Blueberry Hunt'

These days Naseeruddin Shah next film The Blueberry Hunt is in discussion. Director of this film Anup Kurian shared amny thing about Naseer and film. Anup said that Naseer has given his life best physical active performance in this film. Naseer who gives 100% for his character, has to jump for 30 ft long cliff. He did this without any help and decided to jump. ' Anup also told that Naseer Shah did many chances in the script, idea of Deadlock in the film was his only. Anup further told that budget of the film is 45 lakhs and Naseer has charged nothing for this film. This film is about old man who does cultivation of marijuana and he has only this way to become rich. This film was made in 2011, but it is releasing after 5 years on 8th April.