Nana Patekar style to overcome change problem at change counter-

Nowadays go shopping anywhere shopper are caught Toffees at the place to Change. We all day, are there victims. We are forced and do not want to fight shop owners, so quietly keep candy in the pocket instead of Change. - [embed][/embed] Well, now do not have too much worry about it, because of Nana Patekar a video came across in which this problem can be dealt fingertips. In this video, They in his radical style seems to teach a lesson to the shopkeeper of giving candy instead of money. Take a look for yourself. - Nana Patekar shopping a store in this video, but at the cash counter they got candy instead of the change. He teach the girl a lesson sits at the cash counter, instead of stuff they seems to take off his sandals. However, the owner of the store came later handle the case. - Tell you that it is the clip Nana Patekar's released film "Tum Milo Toh Sahi" of 2010. It is very funny, but speaks today's reality. So this time when you fall into such a whirl of Nana Patekar so do not forget to try the fun way. This video so far has been seen 775 757 views on YouTube. Also, 1835 by watching this video did like it.