Movie Review: Tumhari Sulu – Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia

Name of Movie Tumhari Sulu
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★
Director Suresh Triveni
Star cast Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia
Genre Romantic/Drama Film
Duration 2 hours 20 Minutes
Date Release 17  Nov 2017

PLOT:- The story of the movie revolves around a middle-aged housewife who has not achieved anything great, one day she wins a contest to become an RJ which results in a drastic change in her daily life.

REVIEW:- When the trailer of ‘Tumhari Sulu’ came out last month, we thought that it will be a light-hearted situational comedy, which it is. However, there is a social message in this film that women can do anything. Vidya Balan’s character Sulochana aka Sulu is relatable, every housewife in India is just like that, it will interest the audience. Ad director turned feature filmmaker Suresh Triveni makes a good debut with this film; we need this kind of films in India. Triveni has written this script intelligently, he takes a very simple thing, which is common in India and made a film out of it. Now, this is not a kind of film which will make you go ‘Oh My God’, this will bring a smile on your face.

Now, this is a complete Vidya Balan film, she once again proves that why she is one of the best actresses in Bollywood, every role she takes, she does with full passion, last time she was seen in ‘Begum Jaan’ which was an average at the Box Office but she single-handedly made that film worth watching same goes with ‘Tumhari Sulu’; well, this film has a heart, this film has a story and with the presence of Vidya the movie becomes even better. Vidya is at a point right now, where she doesn’t need a hit; she is just exploring herself as an actress, which is a good thing. Now, this is not her best film, not even close, but it’s surely is one of her watchable films and all credit goes to her for that. She brings the character of Sulu to life by taking out the various shades of a woman, who has put her ambitions on hold to look after her family, which is the issue of every woman in India.

Manav Kaul as Ashok, Sulu’s husband, has done a fine job; he is the right person to play Vidya’s husband on screen. It’s good that actors like him are getting chances in Bollywood, in last few years, he has got many bigger and better roles and he has impressed in every film, in this movie too he does a good job and when an actress like Vidya is your co-actor your job becomes easier. Neha Dhupia, who played Viday’s boss, is good, Neha is made for these kinds of roles, over the years Neha has done many supporting roles and she has done a fine job here too, but this movie belongs to Vidya as mentioned earlier, she is the star of the film.

Now, there are some issues with the movie, it feels too long and you feel bored, it loses the grip but again Vidya picks it up and makes it an at least watchable film. The direction, which is the big factor in this movie, is good but not great, knowing that this is Suresh’s first film, he has done a good job but he has a long way to go. There are some issues in the movie, which could have been fixed by the editing before the release, but it doesn’t matter now because it is out. Overall, this is a family entertainer.

WHY TO WATCH:- Vidya Balan, the biggest reason to watch this film, she has done a phenomenal job. This is a must watch for middle-aged couples, it gives us a social message which we need to know.

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