Manish Paul doesn't have time for his own film

Actor and Anchor Manish Paul entered in Bollywood movies with 'Mickey Virus', it was release in 2013. Manish next upcoming film is 'Ranbanka', but it feels like he is not interested in promoting his film. During the launch of trailer also he was not present there. According to the source, " He is not happy with the way of movie came out. Manish believed that one item song has been placed without informing me. Some scene which we didn't talk about are also in the film. He has refused to talk about all this. Producer Ajay Yadav told some different story. He said," Manish knows everything. We asked him to shoot one songs and some scenes but Manish said, he can only five 6 hours to me. He also told that, " During the contract, Manish will give 15 days for the movie promotion but now he is not able to give half n hours for this work. He is not picking up my phone. I think he don't want to release this film.