For 'Ladaaku' Practise, Neetu has kept a Taekwondo athlete

Neetu Chandra is preparing for first women centric Marshal Art film 'Ladaaku'. Scenes in the film should be appealing because many scenes has Taekwondo action and Neetu don't want to left anything incomplete for the film. Doing so, the actress-entrepreneur has got on board Rani Bala, who is her opponent of Taekwondo championships, and she has been made head the training team of 'Ladaaku'. As Taekwondo athletes, Neetu and Rani have been standing against each other several times in international Taekwondo championships. Neetu is fan of Rani as a fighter and is impressed with her style of fighting. So, the actress decided to get Rani on board making her the head of training team of 'Ladaaku'. Rani will also lead the action scenes and head the Korean masters group. For this film, Rani is working with Neetu very carefully.