Kylie Jenner sex tape for leaked, Botfriend suspected

Sex tape of Tv Reality star Kim kardashian's step sister Kylie Jenner and Raper Tyga has come forward. News is this was uploaded on the website of Tyga (, but after 30 minutes this video was removed. Few days back only Kylie broke with raper Tyga, after break up of this 18 years old model, her sex tape getting leak in matter of problem. This was uploaded on the official site of Tyga. In this both were seen getting intimate. However, it was removed, but lots of people have downloaded it. Kylie is afraid that nobody misuses it. Let me tell you, few days back 10 million dollar was presented to make this sex tape. This offer was given by Vivid Entertainment, for which Kylie said no. Tell now this is not revealed that who uploaded this sex tape. But people are guessing that Tyga has done this. If this happens then he can be in trouble. Case can be filed on Tyga against Porn Revenge law.