Kriti Sanon upset with the politics in Bollywood

There is politics in Bollywood industry too. FIlms get slipped from the hands. Good role get cut and is made smaller. Actor don't get to know, and big star comes in the film, there are many thing like this, which you will see during stardom. Heroine faces problems for other heroines. Now Kriti Sanon is also facing politics in Bollywood. This new heroine has to face two politics issue in Bollywood. First one film was taken away from her because of Athiya Shetty. Second shock was, director took Deepika for Item number in Raabta, when Kriti was there. News of Sanjay Sutt come back is also there. His comeback film is about relation of father and daughter. So for this Kriti and Athiya name was discussed, in starting Kriti was leading in this race, because film Hero was flop, so Athiya was not having any films. Twist came when Athiya's father Sunit Shetty met Sanjay Dutt. They both are old friends, they have worked together in some films. Nowwhen time came for selection between Kriti and Athiya, then Sanjay selected Athiya, as it's her friends daughter. Shooting of this film will start in August, this is an action drama.