Krishna Abhishek targeted Kapil Sharma

After Finishng Comedy Nights with Kapil, now Colors channel have started a new show Comedy Nights live. Krishna Abhishek has replaced Kapil Sharma with this show. According to reports, 'Kapil left the show because he was angry with the channel. No Krishna Abhishek has confirmed this. Krishna is an interview said that, inspite of walking away, he should have done healthy competition. Krishna Said : Kapil did not liked Big Stars coming on Comedy Nights live... -Krishna says that colors was talking Comedy Nights with kapil Very Well. -Kapil started having problem when big stars started coming on Comedy nights Bachao. -Kapil should have not left Colors. -Krishna challenged Kapil. He said, 'You run your show on your hardwork, we run our show on our hardwork.' -Why don't he go for healthy competition with me, why ran away? why are you feeling unsecure? Krishna also appreciated the talent of Kapil and hoped his come back. He also used sarcasm that Kapil is feeling unsecure when Gutti is famous. He also tried to said that he will not get famous after leaving Colors. Sunil started a show Made in India, which was flopped and he started this show when he left Comesd nights with kapil. Then he again came back to his old show. Started on 22 June, 2013 got ended on 24 January, 2016, Last film which was promoted in Comedy Nights with kapil was Aksahy Kumar and Nimrat Kaur starrer film Airlift. A video was also leaked where Guthi was seen emotional. FInal episode of this scene was removed.